About us

Our company manufactures winter high fur boots under the brand name MOREGOR. We make use of the latest equipment in the production process, as well as quality and ecologically friendly materials purchased from European suppliers. We have vast experience in the production of high quality, comfortable and warm winter footwear. Our production is located in Latvia. We are truly happy that now we can offer our products to customers across Europe.

MOREGOR high fur boots are high quality footwear, meant for both adults and children, which ideally suits winter weather conditions in different parts of Europe. High fur boots are contemporary and fashionable footwear meant for everyday wear both in a city and in the country. MOREGOR footwear – this is a combination of quality, comfort and distinctive design. Our footwear will keep you warm in the cold meanwhile accentuating your style. Taking into account the unmatched style of our footwear, we use the customized approach when manufacturing our products, making each pair unique owing to the singularity of the fur used.

   Making use of up-to-date equipment, using the services of highly skilled personnel and implementing only quality and ecologically friendly materials in the production process have enabled us to achieve the high quality level of our products. Each single pair of the footwear we manufacture passes strict quality control procedures. In the course of our work, our products have received only positive feedback from our customers.


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Email: moregor@inbox.lv