Materials and craftsmanship

Winter Footwear “MOREGOR”


Materials and craftsmanship


MOREGOR Snow Boots are made of natural materials and are the high quality modern and stylish footwear designed for everyday wear in urban environment and outdoors.


MOREGOR Snow Boots – is an excellent combination of quality, comfort and original design. Our footwear will keep you warm in cold and wet weather, while highlighting your personal style. Regarding the unique style of our footwear, each and every product is made with out-most care, so you can be assured that each pair of boots is really unique, due to the natural fur we use.


Only carefully selected high quality natural materials are used in the manufacturing process of MOREGOR footwear. Selection of materials and their suppliers has been carried out over several years. Now we can offer our footwear to customers with optimally selected and assembled quality materials.


Choice of natural fur and leather was a key factor for winter footwear, because the main advantage of natural fur is its unique ability to protect against the cold, dampness and humidity. At the same time it allows the human skin to breathe and provide unique thermoregulation ability.


The use of natural materials allows customers to feel comfortable in various weather conditions.

People can feel comfort wearing our footwear at wide range of temperatures from +10 C to -30 C. Indeed, the Nature itself participated in the creation of such a unique material as natural fur and leather in the process of evolution for millions of years. Besides that, the beauty and uniqueness of the products made of natural fur has been highly appreciated at all times.


Toe box is made of premium genuine cow leather with retaining its hair (pile, fleece). This kind of leather is expensive, but perfectly combined with different kinds of natural fur, which is used for finishing the top of the fur boots. Retaining of natural fleece (hair) also provides natural extra protection against dirt, moisture, and small skin (leather) damage. Dirt does not stick and is easily cleaned off.


The inside (inner part) of the footwear is made of a material based on the natural sheep wool.

This material offers a great sensation of warmth and comfort, while allowing your feet skin to breathe.


The top part of the MOREGOR winter footwear is made of natural fur. We use different kinds of fur and natural sheepskins (mutton). For the most of our models we use nutria fur from Argentina. Nutria fur has a number of unique consumer characteristics (features).

As nutria tends to spend a lot of time in the water, its fur lasts a long time, protects against moisture and humidity, as well as well retains warmth. It should be noted that the nutria fur is a sub-product of the food industry. Eating nutria meat for food is common and is part of the traditional cuisine in Argentina and some other countries. In Argentina eating nutria meat is as widespread as the use of beef in some European countries.


In addition, we have models of boots, where the top part is made of natural sheepskins (mutton).

Mutton retains heat well and has very pleasant texture. Children especially love mutton boots. For

the demanding buyers, we are offering also other types of fur, but mostly by special order. It may be

Red Fox, Corsac Fox from Argentina, American Raccoon and other kind of fur.


A distinctive feature of the MOREGOR winter footwear is a sole with the unique anti-slipping characteristics. It allows our customers to feel confident in different weather conditions and different types of surfaces. Selection of high quality soles can be compared with a choice of winter car tires, where the tires characteristics against the sliding have great significance.


We also produce footwear models with convertible studded outsole (spiked outsole), where patented Italian system OC SYSTEM is used. It allows by simple manipulation, if necessary, quickly pull out the studs (thorns) from the sole or as quickly pull down them. It creates a comfort and confidence when moving on an icy surface, preventing slipping, sliding, falling, and any possible trouble.


The use and selection of premium materials, the use of modern equipment and unique technology, the availability of qualified personnel and effective quality assurance and monitoring system, enable us to offer fashionable, comfortable, warm and safe winter footwear, which for many years will bring positive experience and emotions to our customers.


How to care for (care after) the Fur Boots


MOREGOR footwear has a competitive advantage over the other winter footwear. Fur boots is very hard to get dirty and very easy to clean. It is not necessary to use any impregnators and cleaning products. If you have soiled fur boots, then simply walk through the deep snow and mud will simply fall off. If this doesn’t help, wait until the mud on the fur boots dries and just wipe the vamp of fur boots (this is the lower part) if soiled upper part (fringe), then just take a damp cloth or brush and wipe the fur.


Usually cleaning fur boots takes less than a minute, so those who are already familiar with the MOREGOR products are not afraid to wear fur boots in an urban environment and in any weather conditions.


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