Main benefits (Key features)

Natural materials.


We are using only high quality natural materials - furs, sheepskins and leather. Materials, that were created and developed in the process of evolution by the best creator of all times – Our Nature.

Materials - that were tested for centuries.


Ultimate Comfort.


Natural materials keep foot temperature comfortable in different weather conditions and at wide range of temperatures. Natural materials provide natural airflow (air circulation) and allow your skin to breath.




We are using high quality outsole with the unique anti-slipping characteristics. It allows our customers to feel confident in different weather conditions and different types of surfaces. We also have boots with convertible studded outsole (spiked outsole). It allows by simple manipulation, if necessary, quickly pull out the studs (thorns) from the sole or as quickly pull them down. It creates a comfort and confidence when moving on an icy surface, preventing slipping, sliding, falling, and any possible trouble.




Developing our footwear we used rich historical experience of different nations and people, for whom the convenience and comfort of winter footwear was important. We combine this experience with modern technologies and craftsmanship. We have selected materials that are the most suitable for the production of high quality winter footwear. This combination of experience, modern technologies and carefully selected natural materials determine the High Quality of Snow Boots MOREGOR.




The combination of different natural furs and leather makes every pair of MOREGOR boots unique.


Easy to care off.


Fur boots are very easy to clean. It is not necessary to use any impregnators and cleaning products. We are using premium genuine cow leather with retaining its hair (pile, fleece) for the toe box. Retaining of natural fleece (hair) also provides natural extra protection against dirt, moisture, and small skin (leather) damage. Dirt does not stick and is easily cleaned off. Just use clean cloth or brush to take the dirt off.


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